Customer Experience Program for the Tasmanian Taxi Industry

Welcome to the Tasmanian Taxi Industry Customer Experience Program. This program has been developed for the Tasmanian Taxi sector in collaboration with the Department of State Growth and the Tasmanian Taxi Industry. The aim of this program to is to provide employees of the Taxi industry in Tasmania with tools, skills, and knowledge to deliver a great Tasmanian customer experience in line with the expectations in the Code of Conduct for the sector.

Topics covered include effective communication, understanding customer needs, managing challenging situations, and fostering a customer-centric mindset.

As members of the Tasmanian Taxi Service, your commitment to exceptional customer experiences is crucial. Participating in this program will enhance your customer service skills, ensuring high customer satisfaction during their journeys.

By the end of the program, participants will gain valuable knowledge and tools to enhance the customer experience as a Tasmanian Taxi Service representative. Your dedication to excellence is greatly appreciated, and together, we can make a significant difference in our customers’ lives.

The program offers two delivery modes:

In-house Operator Delivered Training Program

Taxi operators are provided with the program materials to conduct their own in-house training programs.

Trainers are advised to utilise the PowerPoint presentation and Participant Handbook as they follow the session plan. This plan provides a clear sequence of delivery, offering a step-by-step explanation. Additionally, it outlines the specific slide numbers in the PowerPoint presentation and the corresponding pages in the handbook that align with the session plan. By following this structure, trainers can ensure a well-organised and comprehensive delivery of the training material.

Access the Trainer Resources by clicking the links provided:

Program Duration (recommended 3 hours):

Session Name Duration
Introduction 10 minutes
1: The Tasmanian Visitor Experience 30 minutes
2: The Customer Experience 30 minutes
3: Professional Standards 30 minutes
4: Effective Communication Skills 30 minutes
5: Knowledge and Learning 10 minutes
6: Handling Complaints 10 minutes
Review, Reflection, Conclusion and Wrap-up 20 minutes

Recommended Program Delivery Supplies and Equipment:

  • Printed participant handbook and pens for participants
  • Printed session plan for trainer
  • PowerPoint Presentation on laptop
  • Whiteboard and Markers
  • Laptop and projector/TV for multimedia presentation
  • Classroom with tables and chairs for participants

It is advised to print and distribute the participant handbook to each participant as a valuable resource. The handbook offers participants the necessary content and includes workbook activities that they can engage with during each in-house program session.

Access the Participant Resources by clicking the link provided:

Online Training Course

If your business is unable to conduct sessions on-site, you can opt for the online version of the program.

The cost for the course is $50, which includes GST, per person. The online course is designed to be completed at your own pace and is expected to take approximately 1-4 hours to finish.

To enrol in the online course, please find the registration details below.

Enrol Now in the Online Customer Experience Program for the Tasmanian Taxi Industry below, payment of the course fees will be available via credit card through the enrolment process.

Complete the enrolment form below, payment of the course fees will be available via credit card through the enrolment process.

The online training program is hosted by VXT (Visitor Experience Training). If you encounter any issues, please get in touch with the VXT team.

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