Peak Season is coming - Get your staff ready!

We understand the unique challenges faced by tourism and hospitality businesses of all sizes in Tasmania, and VXT is here to support you along the way. That includes ways to prepare, upskill and empower your people to overcome the workforce challenges that we know many are concerned about.

Recruiting and training new staff for the upcoming season can be challenging, along with upskilling current staff to be the leaders and supervisors of new and green staff. VXT is here to help!

VXT offers industry-tailored training with instructors who have the expertise and extensive experience in the hospitality and tourism sectors, ensuring current, relevant and practical insights for an interactive and engaging learning experience.

Your team will receive Tasmanian-designed training modules aligned to the current and emerging training and development needs of Tasmanian businesses and operators.

Industry businesses and operators can enjoy

an exclusive 50% off the following training

courses for the remainder of 2023

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So, why spend your limited off-season cashflow on training?

Training to meet your needs: VXT course content is relevant, practical, and aligned with the needs of your business and delivered regionally, meaning minimal downtime.

Motivate Your Team: Upskilling your people to become confident leaders and supervisors means you can focus on efficient operations and capitalising on every opportunity, not just running the floor.

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Developing New Team Leaders
and Supervisors

Original Price: $265.00 | Discounted Price: $132.50 (Inc GST) 

  • Introduction to Hospitality Leadership 
  • The Fundamentals of Effective Leadership 
  • Communication and Collaboration 
  • Motivation and Team Building 
  • Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
  • Leading Through Challenges 
  • Coaching and Performance Management 
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Job Skills Coaching
and Development

Original Price: $130.00 | Discounted Price: $65.00 (Inc GST) 

  • Workplace coaching & employee development 
  • Effective questioning skills & benefits 
  • Differing learning styles  
  • Employee performance cycle 

Prepare your existing workforce to capitalise on the season ahead

Seize Seasonal Opportunities: Prepare your team to make the most of peak season opportunities. From conflict resolution to delivering an exceptional Tasmanian service experience, these are critical to turn negative situations into positive online reviews.

Resolving Conflict_tile

Resolving Conflict
with Customers

Original Price: $130.00 | Discounted Price: $65.00 (Inc GST) 

  • What conflict is 
  • Conflict styles 
  • How to manage conflict to achieve a win-win outcome 
  • The skills to develop for resolving conflict
  • A process for resolving conflict effectively 
Delivering Excellence_tile

Delivering Excellence –
The Tasmanian Service Experience

Original Price: $130.00 | Discounted Price: $65.00 (Inc GST) 

  • Tasmanian Visitor Experience  
  • Customer Expectations 
  • Service Excellence & Professional Standards 
  • Communication & Handling Complaints 
  • Dynamics of High Performing Teams  

Ready to take up the offer and book in your training?

To redeem the discount:  To enrol in your preferred course, simply select your desired course date, and click “Enrol” and follow the prompts.

Not sure who will attend? Just book your place under your name, and we can sort out the finer details closer to the date.

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